Terms and Conditions - Version 1a, 1st May 2016


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the meaning of the 'event' can apply to any event or party that fizzBus is contracted to supply via the booking form and confirmation of booking.

The 'event organiser' is the person who has signed the booking form and takes full responsibility for the behaviour of the people using any equipment provided by fizzBus.

Confirmation of booking is made on the understanding that the event organiser understands, agrees with, and is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Bookings and Cancellations

To confirm your booking, a booking form must have been received by fizzBus either on paper or electronically by email AND a deposit of £100 and, if requested, a damage deposit of £50 cash, must have been paid and funds cleared AND your booking confirmed to you with a signed confirmation and deposit receipt sent to you electronically or by post.

Any outstanding balance for your booking must be paid at least 7 working days prior to the event unless paid in cash on the day (prior to the equipment being set up). If the balance is not paid the booking will be considered as cancelled. Should a cheque payment not be passed by the bank we will pursue non payment through the small claims court adding costs and interest at 6% above the base rate at the time.

If you have to cancel your event please let fizzBus know as soon as possible. This must be confirmed in writing either by email or letter and the following will apply:


29 days or more prior to the event - your event deposit will be returned to you less £20. If another event date is booked at the time of cancellation then the deposit will be held over in full for the new booking and nothing will be withheld.

15 - 28 days prior to the event - your event deposit will be returned to you less £50. If another date is booked at the time of cancellation then the deposit for the new date will be reduced to £80.

Under 15 days prior to the event - your event deposit will NOT be returned to you. If another date is booked at the time of cancellation then the deposit for the new date will be reduced to £80.

In the event of cancellation, fizzBus will refund the damage deposit in full. The damage deposit will be refunded in full, in cash to be signed for, after the event provided no damage is caused, loss suffered or cleaning required to the equipment.

Any cancellations of add-on packages must be made in writing via email or post. Failure to do may result in you still getting charged for the package. Third parties may also pursue you for monies owed.

Although we will endeavour to arrive at the time booked we cannot be held responsible for events such as traffic hold ups or the weather. We will in the event of late arrival do our best to continue the session until the correct amount of time has elapsed. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (i.e. illness, breakdowns, very bad weather) preventing us from getting to your event, we will always try and inform the event organiser as soon as possible. If there is no fault on the part of the organiser a full refund will be given or alternative date offered.

Event Organisers' Responsibilities

It is the event organisers' responsibility to ensure there is reasonable access to the event venue to allow swift carrying in and out of the equipment, tables and stools. The event organiser is also responsible for ensuring there is adequate power (minimum of two 13 amp 240V sockets in the vicinity of where the equipment is to be set up) and that there is space for the equipment and the gamers. If you require fizzBus to supply tables and/or stools for the event, these will be supplied for free but this must be made clear at the time of booking. Table configurations and space requirements can be seen on the Hire Us section of our website - www.fizzBus.com/space

If we will not have access to power and require a generator we will need written confirmation at the time of booking. This will incur an additional charge.

If on arrival we find the venue to be unsuitable for any reason we reserve the right to abort the session without compensation. We suggest that the event organiser may wish to arrange for our principle to visit the site to confirm suitability. This service may incur a small charge depending on distance.

If any equipment is found to be not working or damaged, the event organiser must inform a member of the fizzBus crew as soon as possible.

The Equipment

In the unlikely event of individual platforms or games, i.e. SNES console or game cartridge, not being operational during an event no compensation will be offered or considered. However, every endeavour will be made to provide a suitable alternative.

Every effort is made to keep fizzBus equipment and the environment in which it is being used safe and clean and in accordance with Health & Safety requirements. However, anyone using fizzBus equipment does so entirely at their own risk. By inviting us into your home/grounds the event organiser is accepting full responsibility for any damage caused.

Parental Responsibility and Consent

fizzBus crew are only there to oversee the running of the event and to operate/manage the equipment. No parental responsibility will be taken by fizzBus crew.
The minimum age for playing on the equipment is 8 years old. Younger children may be allowed to play at the discretion of the fizzBus crew but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The event organiser is considered the responsible adult for all children aged under 18 and must remain with the equipment throughout the hire period if children under 18 are gaming.

It is the event organisers responsibility to ensure that parental consent is obtained from all parents/guardians of young gamers to play age related games. In the event of an out of age game being requested the crew will ask the organiser for a final decision to be made. We cannot be held responsible in any way for obtaining the permission of the guests parents/guardians. Full names of guests that are prohibited from playing certain games must be given to us in writing at the beginning of the party. Guidance on age appropriate gaming can be found on our website - www.fizzBus.com/pegi


No smoking is allowed near any fizzBus equipment. No food or drink to be consumed near fizzBus equipment without prior consent of the crew. If the consumption of food and/or drinks is approved and equipment gets soiled or damaged by a spillage, then fizzBus reserves the right to claim the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement of that equipment from the event organiser less any damage deposit already made.

If the behaviour of the people using our equipment is deemed to be excessively harsh or purposeful vandalism and results in damage to our equipment, we reserve the right to charge the originally contracted person the full amount to repair or replace the affected equipment less any damage deposit already paid.

We will not tolerate bad behaviour, bad language, aggressive behaviour or threatening behaviour to our crew or other party goers. In the event of such acts we reserve the right to end the session immediately and any money paid will be forfeited including any deposits paid. If this happens, damage and/or cleaning of the equipment must be paid for by the event organiser.

Anyone considered being under the influence of drugs or having consumed an excessive amount of alcohol will not be allowed to play on the equipment.


During the event we may take some photographs for our portfolio and possible inclusion on our web site and/or Facebook page and other marketing. No financial recompense will be offered for this. If this is not acceptable please make sure a member of the crew is aware of your request. You are of course welcome to take your own photographs of the event. The event organiser is wholly responsible for gaining any necessary permission from third parties (e.g. from parents) for photographs to be taken of event attendees and must give names in writing of any person who does not wish to have their photograph taken.

Damage, Loss and Theft

fizzBus will not accept any responsibility for any inconvenience or damage resulting from any accident, breakdown or any other event attributable to any reason beyond our reasonable control. We will not be responsible for any valuables or other items belonging to any member of the hirers group. We cannot be responsible for any theft. Theft of fizzBus' equipment will be taken seriously and the police will be informed and the event organiser will be liable to pay for replacement items.

fizzBus accepts the following types of payment:

Bank Transfer

fizzBus has full Public Liability Insurance and crew are CRB/DBS checked.

In the unlikely event of you being any way un-happy with our service please write to Mrs D Berriman, North Leigh, Bignall End, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 8LS stating in full your reasons for your complaint and enclosing any evidence you may have to support this.